Book Club 31 May 2022, 5 PM Central

4 authors and their books, including Birth of the Black Orchids

Join us on Facebook to discuss Birth of the Black Orchids.

I’d like to know why I have write this month’s post when I’m the accountant. Also I’d like to know why everybody keeps making such a big deal about JD and his writing. Do you ever hear about accountancy clubs? I should start one. We can sit around and talk about spreadsheets and forensic accounting techniques. I’ll serve wine and cheese too. You’ll have to bring your own for JD’s online chat book club.

I was going to write about Memorial Day and my great-grandfather’s brother who served in the Army in World War II and received the Medal of Honor posthumously, as well as my great-uncle Alonzo who died in Vietnam, but this has to be about JD’s book club, so please show up and say nice things or his feelings will be hurt, and I am not putting up with that. You can say things like “It’s the best book I’ve ever read, and I can’t wait for the sequel,” or “My friends and I cosplay scenes from the book every weekend.” Don’t forget to mention “Dianne doesn’t have nearly enough stage time.”

As a bonus, you can chat with three other authors as well–Tobi Doyle (3 PM Central), Carly Winter (4 PM Central), and Vikki Walton (6 PM Central). I’m sure you’ll like their books too.

Jamás los olvidaré, mis tíos.
closeup of young Latina woman, Dianne Cortez of Black Orchid Enterprises
CPA, CFE, president of Black Orchid Enterprises