Science Fiction and Fantasy

“Blessed” featured in Dreaming the Goddess

Experience the Goddess in Her many guises, from Egypt to Nigeria, from Europe to the UK, from the Middle East to North America.

“Nine Lives Through Time” featured in “Cat Tails: War Zone

At the dawn of the twenty-second century, Master Timewalker Caitrin Woest discovers a few bugs in the time travel system as she arrives in London just in time for the Blitz.
Twenty-five stories from Ancient Egypt to the far-flung future, about some amazing cats who have served as compatriots during war times. But beware, for they can also be tricksters sent to teach lessons.
Edited by Rebecca McFarlane Kyle & Dana Bell.

“Stabat Mater” featured in Infinite Space Infinite God

The Virgin Mary visits Teresa and Pia when they are thirteen. She instructs them to take care of Her children when the time arises. Present day, the nation’s crumbling under the harsh attacks and Teresa’s called early for her Christian Mission to the Stars flight. With Father Hugh and Pope Gregory XVII in tow, the trio head to Texas. Stabat Mater tells of Father Hugh, Teresa and the Pope trekking across the country to make flight to the planet Sanctuary; a mission that will colonize a planet with many religious orders and people. During the journey, Father Hugh and Teresa’s faith falters as they question their worthiness, but strengthens as they seek and find answers. Ms. Dimond writes a delightful story line together with enchanting and real characters that make the read captivating. I found the Pope’s humor refreshing in light of the seriousness of their quest.

Carol for Mixed Voices (Part 2 of 2)

When she came home the next night, she found the tree nailed, wildly askew, to the coffee table. Teenage accessories—earrings and keychains—dragged the drooping branches down further.

Carol for Mixed Voices (Part 1 of 2)

“I renew the pledge I made to you when I took office: you will be safe in your home, safe in your work, safe in your play from any who dare to oppose us. Wherever Americans walk, they’ll walk in safety.”
Cover of Dancing USA

“Dancing on the Moon”

And you thought scientists were going to make first contact with aliens. Maybe it will be dancers, as in this story I wrote at Clarion, so many years ago.

War of the Lights

War of the Lights has a special place in heart, being my first fiction sale. It was inspired by Marilyn Rucker’s “War of the Lights” on the Therapy Sisters’ Codependent Christmas album. Happy Whatever! Hear it here.