The Gregg House
Many Worlds of Mysteries
Laughs and twisted happy endings abound
on mean streets and in Gothic mansions.

Tales of the Timewalkers Union

Join the intrepid service staff as they navigate
history, schematics, and union contracts.

Science Fiction
Explore strange new worlds
or sadly familiar old ones
Spring wildflowers along Texas State Hwy 16 north of Fredricksburg
Beauchamp, Texas
A fictional town with far too much reality, also mysteries.
"You write uncommonly fast."
"You are mistaken. I write rather slowly."
—Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice


Lone Star Literary Life talks about Birth of the Black Orchids in the 26 December 2021 issue, and it’s Mystery Section‘s featured book on 30 January 2022. Dianne tells you…