Cover for Rained Out and Other Texas Holiday Disasters

Rained Out and Other Texas Holiday Disasters

Young attorney JD Thompson looks forward to a quiet Thanksgiving week when a raging storm floods Central Texas, confining him and his partners to the Victorian mansion where they work and live. The fine print of their agreement with the house’s owner kicks in, and he and his partners must run a disaster shelter for the town of Beauchamp. The flood waters creep closer to the house, the food supply dwindles, and power and internet fail while people and their pets grow clamorous, but JD’s real problem is a lost child who doesn’t belong to anyone in the shelter. Can JD protect the boy and find his family, or will the storm claim one more life in a long list of tragedies? Book 4 of the Black Orchid Enterprises Mystery series includes three holiday novelettes. Buy it here or at online bookstores.

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