Cats in Danger!

floral arrangement with Starfighter lilies and carnations.

I’m Dr. John Ky Ly, owner of the Black Orchids Cat Care Clinic, Beauchamp Assistant Animal Control Officer and Overflow Shelter Manager. I’d rather leave social media to my vet assistant or my partners, but I have to some important warnings about your cat.

What reminded me was when Dianne brought home a pot of lilies from Easter Mass and set them on the reception desk. I’m not sure why. The kittens have destroyed every plant she’s placed there. 

This time it was more serious than a broken pot and crushed plant. [Darryl, can you make this sentence really big?]

Lilies are poisonous to cats. 

Even a dusting of pollen can cause kidney failure. I’m not sure whether lilies are religiously required–Dianne didn’t exactly say. She just stomped her foot and said, “Can’t we have any nice things?” She knows perfectly well that we have cats instead–but maybe you could ask your priest about an alternative way to fulfill the mitzvah. (I’m not sure those are the correct terms.)

Anyway, we don’t want to endanger the four Very Good Kitties that we received at our grand opening and all the kittens we received this Spring. I’m sure you want to protect your cats too. So please remove the lily, even if you need a special religious dispensation. I’m sure there’s some provision. In Judaism, it is always permissible to save a life.

Our friends at Chewy, where we get our cat food and supplies, made a poster to show you some of the plants that are poisonous to cats. Actually, oleander is poisonous to people too.

12 house plants that are poisonous to cats: sago palm, daffodils, autumn crocus, hyacinth, azaleas, dieffenbachia, cyclamen, tulips, oleander, lilies, rhododendrons, kalanchoe.
Poisonous Plants for Cats, by Chewy

Dianne took her lily to the front porch, but I told her to move it, because of all the stray cats in Beauchamp. You keep your cat inside, don’t you? Besides lilies, cars, dogs, and coyotes are a danger to cats. I treated one for a broken pelvis this week. It was sad.

And have your cats neutered or spayed, if they’re not. The kittens have overflowed from the shelter building to the clinic into our house. We’re running out of bedrooms for all the new litters, even in Gregg House. Dianne wrote a grant for low-cost vet services, so now neuters, spays, and vaccinations are more affordable. If they’re still beyond your budget, talk to me anyway, because I’d rather do a surgery than raise another litter of kittens.

Darryl the intern took the lily to his granny, which made her happy and Dianne a little less angry, because she likes Mrs. Langston.

Dianne wanted to write this month’s post to remind everybody to file their taxes or an extension by April 18. I hope you did. If not, call Dianne and ask her what to do. I don’t think they put you in jail, but I don’t know much about taxes.

Johnny the cat vet
Dr. Johnny Ly, DVM (practice limited to cats), veterinary acupuncturist, detective, Assistant Animal Control Officer, Assistant Justice of the Peace