Featured Book at Mystery Section!

Birth of the Black Orchids, digital & print

I’m Dianne, sending you over to Mystery Section, where Birth of the Black Orchids is their featured book, with an excerpt even, featuring JD, of course, though Chantal and I have bit parts, along with Cupcake the Wonder Dog. There’s a giveaway too, if you sign up for our newsletter. Don’t worry: JD writes the newsletter, and he hardly ever gets around to it.

I’m switching to my accountant hat here to remind you to send out your W2s and 1099s to your employees and contractors by January 31, if you have your own business. That means you, Mamí, Papí, mis tíos y primos–toda mi familia, really.

closeup of young Latina woman, Dianne Cortez of Black Orchid Enterprises
CPA, CFE, president of Black Orchid Enterprises