One More Day on Kickstarter Anthology

Quick! You have less than one day to back the Riddles, Resolutions, and Revenge anthology. It’s funded at over 740%. Kickstarter declared it a Project We [they] Love. Nine stretch goals are unlocked, meaning even more stories than the original 30, as well as games and prizes, even a cookbook. JD included his mother’s recipe for gingerbread stained glass windows that he and his little sisters made every year at Christmas. Very tasty!

Even a $1 gets you 9 stories. If you back the whole anthology, you get 49 stories. Somewhere in that mix are a Black Orchids short story collection and a single story about a mystery at JD’s mother’s funeral. Why he writes about so much ancient history, I don’t know.

Two covers for story giveaways, An Angel Passing (sad woman [Dianne] at funeral) and The Bobcat of Beauchamp and Other Tales (bobcat winking and wearing a red hat, drinking a hot drink Photo 94689943 © Syda Productions | Dreamstime.com Photo 208343443 | © Marianna Ivanenko | Dreamstime.com
Photo 94689943 © Syda Productions | Dreamstime.com Photo 208343443 | © Marianna Ivanenko | Dreamstime.com
Book covers you get for  $15
What you get for $15

Remember the meta-mystery! Clues are embedded in each story. Those who solve the riddle get a special prize for that. Rumor has it that a certain British hawk-eyed detective is involved.

Print versions will be in 3 volumes, with the covers combined into a clever triptychAny stretch goals we unlock increase the goodies backers receive–even more stories (some from the Black Orchids), books, even a cookbook!

The anthology won’t be available in stores until July, and it won’t have the extras from the Kickstarter. The only place to get these special rewards will be Kickstarter – and the campaign runs only until January 27. Follow now so you don’t miss out!

I know you want to read the story of how I tried to save mi tía from online predators before she’s bankrupt. Chantal helped too, and she almost got charged with murder! I can’t say things worked out like we wanted, but I guess they worked out.

vintage Spanish porcelain trinket box
For mi tía. Read the story to learn its story.
closeup of young Latina woman, Dianne Cortez of Black Orchid Enterprises
CPA, CFE, president of Black Orchid Enterprises