Promotions Everywhere!

Tortie mother cat with her 6 kittens

Things have been crazy busy around Gregg House, what with the new book coming out and kitten season in full force—the photo shows just one little family, ready for adoption in a month, Johnny says. Adopt two! At least.

Family Matters will be available as part of a promotion on Smashwords for the month of July as part of their Annual Summer/Winter Sale! This is a chance to get my book, along with the earlier Black Orchid Enterprises books and books from many other great authors, at a discount. The promotion starts on 1 July, so save the link.

And a double-secret Christmas in July promotion starts on 18 July (lasting through 23 July), where you can get Birth of the Black Orchids and The Sphynx Who Stole Christmas for 99 cents. Here’s wishing you an early Merry Christmas.

In Reason to Laugh on Donnell Ann Bell’s blog, my collaborator, M. R. Dimond, expounds on our life philosophy, namely, that laughter is good for you, even medically speaking.

I was so busy with law work (nice change!) that I had to let Ms. Dimond do the Cozy Christmas podcast, even though I wanted to wax poetic about what Christmas and pets mean to me. She gets to do all the fun stuff.

The Mystery Section featured The Sphynx Who Stole Christmas. They’re a good one to follow not only to find new mysteries but also for the chance to win books and gift cards.

Victoria LK Williams interviews Officer Al and his non-police dog Cupcake in her Furry Sidekick Blog.

And Anastasia Pollock, Lois Winston’s crafting sleuth, who interviewed me earlier, interviewed Johnny. Check it out for his recipe for keto-adjacent cornbread.

I hope you enjoy all these encounters with the Black Orchids and their adventures. Johnny says to remind you to take good care of your pets during the upcoming holiday for the country’s birthday. Get out the thundershirts, catnip, pet tranks, whatever your furry friend needs to stay calm—and inside your house—during the Days of Boom. Happy Fourth, y’all.

JD Thompson
Attorney at Law, Mediator