JD Comes Out

4 sets of dancers from Adobe Stock and Dreamtime

Dianne here, wondering why people think I can post a blog entry in April (tax month) or May (recovering from tax month). But somebody has to, because JD has a new book out, Hallow, available here and your favorite online store, even some libraries. JD will not shut up about that.

This story was rough. We all survived, but there were some close calls. We’ll be in therapy the rest of our lives, but who’s to say we wouldn’t have been anyway? At least we had seventy black cats and kittens to take care of in October, and that did help. And we celebrated the fall holidays, all of them.

Man playing piano under blue lights from Adobe Stock
JD, piano player in the dark

And his “coming out?” Not exactly what you’re thinking. Finally he let himself go and talked about his poetry, his music, dancing, even occasionally his feelings. And he fell in love. I’ll let him tell you about that.

Anyway, go buy Hallow and learn all about JD’s hidden depths, ancient family secrets, all the holidays of all our cultures, and what’s sacred, or hallowed, to each of the Black Orchids.

Happy Pride to all who celebrate, and why wouldn’t you?

Close up of orange marigolds
Orange marigolds for my favorite holiday, Día de Muertos
© Calsidyrose, Creative Commons License
closeup of young Latina woman, Dianne Cortez of Black Orchid Enterprises
CPA, CFE, president of Black Orchid Enterprises