“Stabat Mater” featured in Infinite Space Infinite God

The Virgin Mary visits Teresa and Pia when they are thirteen. She instructs them to take care of Her children when the time arises. Present day, the nation’s crumbling under the harsh attacks and Teresa’s called early for her Christian Mission to the Stars flight. With Father Hugh and Pope Gregory XVII in tow, the trio head to Texas. Stabat Mater tells of Father Hugh, Teresa and the Pope trekking across the country to make flight to the planet Sanctuary; a mission that will colonize a planet with many religious orders and people. During the journey, Father Hugh and Teresa’s faith falters as they question their worthiness, but strengthens as they seek and find answers. Ms. Dimond writes a delightful story line together with enchanting and real characters that make the read captivating. I found the Pope’s humor refreshing in light of the seriousness of their quest.

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